Himalayan Salt Pillow (Small) for Eyes & Ears


The Himalayan Salt Pillow for Eyes & Ears from Earth Luxe offer a multitude of wellness benefits. Himalayan Salt Pillows are filled with hand-mined Himalayan Crystal Salt. The salt crystals are mined from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan and are known to contain the minerals that naturally occur and absorbed into the body. The soothing effect of the pure salt crystal pillows are known to ease tension headaches causing, muscles, ear pain due to tight neck muscles and eye-strain. The crystal salt pillow includes a removable and washable cotton pillow cover and can be used at room temperature, warmed or cooled. Refer to packaging for usage and care instructions. Giftboxed.

  • Filled with natural Himalayan Salt Crystals
  • Offers a multitude of wellness & recover benefits
  • Removable & washable cotton pillow cover

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