2-in-1 Soy Lotion Candle - Travel Tin

: Blooms & Berries

Blooms & Berries: Our newest Creative Energy Candles scent smells like sweet, sun-ripened berries and freshly blooming flowers with a hint of citrus. Infused with natural essential oils of geranium, jasmine, juniper berry, and tangerine. Burn Time: 3.5 oz Travel Tin: 23 hrs

Citrus Basil & Wild Mint: Smells like a summer garden. Bring the sunshine indoors with a fusion of fresh herbs like basil and mint complimented by energizing citrus. This light scent will brighten any home. Made with natural essential oils, including geranium, lime, lemon and basil. Burn Times: Travel Tin: up to 23 hours

Spiced Pomegranate: Smells like holiday cheer, all year round. Tangy pomegranate is with sweetened notes of cider and clove. This is the perfect scent for your holiday party with the added bonus of soothing winter’s dry hands! Infused with natural essential oils of cardamom, nutmeg and orange. Burn Times: 3.5 oz Travel Tin: 23 hrs 

White Tea & Violet: Smells like an elegant tea party. The familiar scent of white tea is made new by adding violet, cedarwood, jasmine, and vanilla. Infused with essential oils of cedarwood, vanilla, violet, jasmine, lemon and nutmeg. Burn Times: 10 oz: 55 hrs | 6 oz: 35 hrs | 3.5 oz Travel Tin: 23 hrs

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