Anchor Reclaimed Wall Decor
Anchor Reclaimed Wall Decor

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Anchor Reclaimed Wall Decor

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Anchors Away, matey! This rustic (not rusty) folk art Anchor may not sink a boat, but it will promise to make a splash on your walls. 

Made in the USA, from reclaimed barn wood salvaged out of old barns in the Southern US , this whimsical piece of folk art is sure to be the envy of your guests. 

Each hand-crafted Anchor is one-of-a-kind and totally unique. Hues of seamist green and cool breeze blues are sure to relax the mind and spirit. And, make the environmentalist in all of us happy because it's entirely up-cycled. Even the hanger on the back is old wire!

approximate  dimension and weight = 21"W X 23 1/2"H X 1 1/2"D  and 4ish pounds

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